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You have my full attention

October 12, 2021 / 2 min read


Union InstituteEmployee Experience

You have my full attention

I say that every day… to my kids, my peers, my boss. It sets the tone and helps me to focus.

When I first started exploring joining Union it was mainly due to inspiring discussions with the firm partners about their vision; to basically improve the customer experience for everyone through accessible technology and human connection.

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They really started to have my full attention when our discussions evolved to how we can build together a distinctive and unique impact on the overall human experience in the workplace. It was clear we were equally passionate about the EX and CX and how one could not exist without the other.
Over the course of the year, while collaborating on defining the Union Institute, it became a real journey to experience how our aligned vision and shared experiences and expertise would be at the core of how we can be of service to others; CX SIGNATURE.
A CX SIGNATURE is basically to honor the unique essence of your mission and your values to grow beyond your product. It is to develop a genuine customer centric culture that transpires in everything that you do.

This is what we do best, together.
You have our attention wherever you find yourself on this CX journey.

Is your CX culture aligned with your values?

Union institute

Looking forward to sharing our customers success stories to inspire yours.

Caroline Hamel
Culture and organisational development, Union

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You have my full attention
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