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Battle Lines of Customer Loyalty: Promoters vs. Detractors


October 12, 2021 / 3 min read


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Battle Lines of Customer Loyalty: Promoters vs. Detractors

In our last post, we talked about the importance of Customer Experience and how a Voice of Customer program can you better measure and manage it. We also talked about hexa’s powerful customer experience surveys, which contain validated measures engineered to accurately take the pulse of the Customer Experience in your locations. Perhaps the most import of these measures is Net Promoter Score (or NPS for short).

A framework to measure customer loyalty, used by millions companies

NPS is a powerful framework for measuring customer loyalty that is used by millions of companies of all sizes around the world. Many consider it to be the gold standard for tracking loyalty and predicting the likelihood that a customer will stop doing business with you. Essentially, NPS tries to figure out if a given customer would or would not recommend your restaurant to a friend, colleague, or family member. If they would strongly recommend you, we call them a Promoter. If they are highly unlikely to recommend you, however, we call them a Detractor.
Let’s dive in to these two segments for a few minutes and discuss why they are so important, and why you need a strategy for identifying and responding to them!


Promoters, your most powerful secret marketing weapon

Promoters are your most committed customers, your cheerleaders, your ambassadors. And they’re also your most powerful secret marketing weapon. Promoters are folks who were so thrilled and delighted by their experiences at your restaurant that they go out of their way to spread the good news and brag about you to their social circles. Not only are they your most loyal customers; they’re also your most vocal. Think positive Instagram posts, Facebook and Google Business Reviews, and word of mouth — all being spread for free by your most energized patrons, who want nothing more than to tell the world how great you are. That kind of positive PR could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but by delivering amazing CX and creating Promoters, you get it all for free!

The work of a detractor

CX can be a double-edged sword, and the flipside of Promoters is the Detractors segment. These are folks who were so turned off by their experiences that, not only will they not return to dine with you again, they’ll actually complain about you on social media. Have you ever seen a really terrible review pop up on a search engine or restaurant reviews site? That’s probably the work of a Detractor. That one terrible review, posted publicly, can deter hundreds of potential patrons from visiting your restaurant, which is why it’s so important to identify potential Detractors as early as possible and touch base with them to resolve their frustrations—before they whip out their phones in anger and cause hundreds of folks to look elsewhere for their food fix. Hexa’s Alert Management System allows you to hear from and react to detractors in real time before they have a chance to post on social media.

With hexa’s help, amplify the voice of Promoters or jump in to rescue Detractors!

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So hopefully you can see that identifying and tracking Promoters and Detractors is one of the most important elements of a well-functioning customer loyalty program. That’s why it’s so important to partner with hexa for an ongoing Voice of Customer program that can identify these groups mere moments after the experience.
Armed with this information, you can take action to amplify the voice of Promoters or jump in to rescue Detractors before they walk away for good, and take others with them!

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