Reputation Management

Efficient management of comments on online directories will not only boost your search engine ranking but also enhance your customers’ trust in your brand.

It’s essential to respond to reviews promptly and in a manner that aligns with your company’s image. An effective reputation management strategy involves actively monitoring the online directories that your customers visit, as well as the reviews they leave online.


88% of consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. 
– Search Engine Land.

Google takes into account site ratings, favoring and ranking those with higher scores.
– Search Engine Watch.

Consumers are influenced by both positive and negative reviews, with 82% specifically seeking negative reviews.
– Search Engine Journal.

Responding to negative reviews is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to improving your service and providing an exceptional customer experience. Learn how our platform, LOCALTRAC, helps you effectively manage reviews and build a strong online reputation. Be prepared to turn negative feedback into opportunities to enhance customer trust and showcase the excellence of your business.

Monitor Your Reviews

Through our integrations and APIs, the LOCALTRAC platform seamlessly gathers reviews in your dashboard, enabling you to gauge the pulse across various directories. Filtering options like date, directory, and star rating provide your business with a quick, large-scale overview of your customers’ overall inquiries.

Real-Time Alerts

Our notification system triggers an alert every time a review is left on one of your local pages. You can customize how frequently your teams are alerted via email when their attention is needed, using our platform.

Response Management

Our local experts will assist you in creating response templates tailored to your company’s criteria and culture. These templates empower your team to respond directly from the LOCALTRAC dashboard. Based on your customized filters and best practices, LOCALTRAC will send relevant responses to your customers. Our platform grants the necessary access at any management level to take control of the brand and build relationships with current clients.

Automated Review Responses

For 4 or 5-star reviews without comments, create a list of responses that will be alternated and automatically published. This ensures a quick, uniform, and standardized response to all your online comments.

Automated Label Sorting

Set up labels in the platform to automatically categorize reviews into appropriately. This capability helps you identify positive or critical language across reviews. For instance, you can use labels like “great service,” “poor experience,” “value for money.”

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Our dashboard offers several reports that aid in understanding how your customers perceive their experience. Your teams will be able to easily identify strengths and opportunities based on both online and offline experiences. Effortlessly determine the primary drivers of customer satisfaction.

Review Generation

Prompt customers via email to encourage them to leave a review after making a purchase or using your service. This approach is recommended for obtaining timely feedback. Proactively capitalize on the moment when customers still remember their interaction with you by sending a personalized message asking for their review.

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