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Defining Your People-Centric Culture

Consumer Products & Retail

March 13, 2019 / 2 min read


Employee Engagement

Defining Your People-Centric Culture

4 key elements of a people-centric culture

In this article, Annette Franz highlights the fact that companies often neglect to integrate in their customer experience improvement efforts a crucial part of the latter’s success, namely the employee experience.

The author focuses on four main elements to ensure that humans are at the core of the business.

Linking People-Centricity to Business Success

All the experts agree on this point and we have already addressed this topic: a great employee experience leads to a successful customer experience and better profits for the business.

Changing Culture, Mindsets, and Behavior

The establishment and application of solid business values ​​is essential in achieving the desired behaviors.

Painting the Big Picture

When a company’s vision and objectives are clearly defined and communicated, everyone feels that they are a part of a whole and work together to ensure the company is successful.

Company Leadership Plays a Critical Role

The speaker presents 3 types of leadership which she considers important for a company to be people-centric:

  1. Executive alignment: In the same way that consistency is essential in customer experience, executive alignment and leadership by example are crucial to a successful employee experience.
  2. Servant leadership: Executives must put their employees’ needs and reality before their own while ensuring their development so that they become high performers.
  3. Truly human leadership: This type of leadership represents the deepest integration of human values ​​in a company, it is the building of a family. The needs and well-being of employees come first and before all other company objectives.

To build a profitable business for everyone, a culture focused on the employee experience is necessary but difficult to achieve, especially when the company has been primarily focusing on profits for some time.

How is the employee experience within your company? Contact us to find out how Lanla can assist you in measuring and improving your employee experience for a better mobilization of your staff and a more profitable business!

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