Our Story

Longtime life partners, Gaétan Frigon and Hélène Héroux visualized the idea of bringing their combined experience and expertise in offering value to brands in the way they connect with their customers.

Gaétan, a previous investor in the show “Dans l’œil du Dragon” and a key executive member of Canadian crown corporations, provided transformational growth to entrepreneurs facing challenges in many spectrums of a business reality.

Since inception, the executive team has been integral to customer success by playing an active role in exercising their thought leadership for customer digital strategies and overall development.

Who we are

Lanla is a business leader with over 35 years of experience in customer, brand and employee experience that is dedicated to solving and delivering advanced business solutions for small business, midsize and enterprise organizations.

Our expert-guided approach and innovative proprietary platforms stimulate performances that promote customer acquisition, retention and engagement.  As a fast-growing firm powering over 200 brands, Lanla is continuously investing in leading technology, key partnerships and top talent to help businesses thrive with their CX-BX-EX goals. Our channel strength reaches customers across North America and Europe.

Our Principles & Beliefs

Integrity. Our guiding principal, which is embodied by our approach to our team, our clients, our partners and our work.

Passion. Our passion is reflected by our inspired team and the extent of our commitment to deliver excellence.

Unity. Our strength is found in the union of our similarities and our differences. We leverage our multidisciplinary expertise to imagine and deliver the best solutions.

Ingenuity. We are at our best when we challenge each other. We thrive when we push boundaries and create change.

Our Team

It takes a group of entrepreneurs and visionaries to drive us to do what we do. With offices in Toronto and Montreal, and remote colleagues both in the country and across the globe, our teams consist of innovative and enthusiastic collaborators who want to make a difference. With audacious personal and professional goals, our teams lead with transparency, and foster an environment for continuous learning and opportunities.


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