Marketing and One-Time Surveys

Compare yourself to your competitors, identify your areas for improvement, and optimize your positioning.  

Whatever your data measures needs are, we have the Survey for you! Discover how Lanla’s experts can support you in implementing various one-time surveys and marketing positioning. 

  • Marketing Positioning Survey 
  • Annual Satisfaction Survey 
  • Customer brand promise comparison study 
  • Sociodemographic profile of your customers and creation of personas  
  • Awareness level and engagement with your brand 
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey
  • Purchase behavior and decision-making processes study.
  • In-depth analysis of satisfaction based on the Tetraclasse Model
  • Attrition Survey

And much more!

Benefit from the following analyses and insights in our comprehensive reports

• Measurement of perception of your brand image and spontaneous and aided brand awareness.
• Understanding of reasons why customers choose their preferred brand.
• Evaluation of consumer consumption habits, motivations, and behaviors.
• Measurement of overall satisfaction (CSAT) based on your customer journey.
• Measurement of your Relational Net Promoter Score (NPS) and that of your competitors.
• Evaluation of your price to quality ratios.
• Positioning of your company and identification of change drivers.
• Advanced analyses and recommendations for making the best marketing, strategic, and operational decisions.

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