Relationship Marketing

Boost customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Relationship Marketing

Boost customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Profile your database, personalize, and centralize email automation. Our PUBLITRAC tool efficiently manages all your marketing efforts. All the history of new interactions with your prospects or customers on your digital assets will be stored in their PUBLITRAC profiles. Optimize your email campaigns with a dynamic database!

Optimize your marketing efforts

Centralized and Dynamic Database

Once your data is centralized, real-time connectivity captures and manages every new interaction your contacts have with your digital assets.

Customer Insight 

Your customers’ profiles continually improve as they interact with your digital assets, in real time.


Segment your database and create lists based on attributes, interests, and behaviors of your contacts. You can now send the right message to the right person at the right time.


Our three levels of personalization (recipient, sender, and dynamic content) optimize your email campaigns. There are as many possibilities as you have customers.

Marketing Automation

Automate campaign scenarios based on your customers’ past behaviors, interests, and socio-demographic profiles.

Scoring and Prospects

Automatically assign the best-qualified prospects to your sales team using the scoring tool, which assigns a score based on their online interactions.

Content Editor

Our platform offers a simple and flexible solution for marketing specialists to be self-sufficient in their email and landing page campaigns, without needing their IT teams.

Performance Reporting

Easily and quickly measure the performance of your campaigns with the analysis tables available in the interface.

  • Dashboard displaying statistics derived from your marketing campaigns.
  • Management of leads and lists that consolidate the profiles of individuals registered in your database.
  • Content customization for emails and landing pages based on customer profiles.
  • Configuration of promotion campaigns, URL tracking, or automation through lists and triggers.
  • Access to prospect scoring, conversion, and performance analytics.

Customize the email using available data such as customer attributes, online behavior history, and custom fields. Enhance the content with tags for deeper personalization within the filter.

While emails are sent by PUBLITRAC, the sender’s address can be personalized. Options include sending on behalf of a sales representative, with the addition of their name and photo. Responses are directed to the salesperson’s inbox or another designated recipient.

Tailor the email content to prioritize specific products, services, or items based on the contact’s history, attributes, and interests.

Here are some examples of campaigns that will fully leverage the power of PUBLITRAC and its tools, including landing page creation, form creation, scoring, list building, dynamic content, and more!

  • Birthdays
  • Contests
  • Synchronized Forms
  • Email Opens
  • Referrals from a Friend
  • Contract Renewals
  • Cross-Selling

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