Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure your performance and implement action plans to mobilize and retain your staff.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure your performance and implement action plans to mobilize and retain your staff.

Are you experiencing issues with absenteeism, delays, or a lack of involvement within your team? Our employee engagement surveys are designed to identify the obstacles hindering your team’s mobilization, to assist you in creating concrete action plans that will energize your teams.

  • Customized questionnaire based on key employee experience factors, company objectives, and culture.
  • Evaluation of overall satisfaction levels among employees, managers, and senior executives.
  • Assessment of employees’ perception of the customer promise.
  • Analyses and recommendations to take better strategic and operational decisions.
  • Enhancement of productivity, efficiency, and employee retention.
  • Identifying training and skill development needs.
  • Planning, implementation, and monitoring of action plans by managers.
  • Rapid establishment of a 360° customer and employee culture.
  • Development of a training plan based on major insights.
  • Recommended annual or biannual measurements.
  • Measurement of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

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Company Mission and Objectives

Assess the understanding of customer experience, company values, and mission.

Overall Satisfaction

Discover the extent to which your employees are content with their personal development, happiness, well-being, and pride.

Salary / Compensation

Validate the perception of their working conditions and performance evaluations received.

Relationship with Colleagues

Gauge the quality of interactions among team members, as well as their sense of collaboration and mutual respect.

Job-Related Autonomy 

Observe your employees’ opinion on training received, work quality, and task variety.

Organizational Communication

Confirm the clarity of explanations and expectations communicated, along with change management within the organization.

We do more than just measure employee engagement; we play a role as a partner and guide in establishing an employee-experience-focused company culture.

We provide support, training, workshops, presentations, and consulting at every stage of implementing an employee-experience-focused company culture.

  • Implementation of an operational action plan focused on employee experience.
  • Strengthening employee engagement through mobilization.
  • Contribution to organizational health and retention of talented employees. 
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction and social buzz related to the organization.

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A customized annual or biannual approach.


Sensitive tools that highlight the drivers of engagement among your employees.


Methods that provide managers with the necessary time to plan, act, and monitor the established action plan.

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