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We’re very aware of the changing relationships customers have with brands. Our team is here for you — constantly pushing our technologies further to evolve with you and your customers. The result? An innovative and distinctive brand, digitally transformed. Take your brand to new levels in CX excellence. Find out the real business benefits of our technologies, today.

AI and NLP based

Find out where you should invest your time and money. Do it through actionable insights gained already interpreted and provided to you in plain language.

Real time alerts and

Manage detractors in real time right on your mobile device. Make course corrections instantly, and create greater brand loyalty.


Turn things up. Improve your ratings by identifying promoters, potential ambassadors and your happiest customers and giving them access to your social platforms.

Customer experience management platform

Voice of Customer. Get great customer insights by listening to and understanding where they’re coming from. Learn to ask the right questions at the right time in their customer journey.

Local Tracking. Our all-in-one local marketing tool will increase your search engine rankings and consumer action by quickly and consistently managing your business information on online directories. You will optimize your team’s efforts and ensure corporate consistency of responses with our review management tool.

Hexa Connect. From gaining a better understanding of customers who visit but don’t make purchases to better understanding specific departments in the customer journey. The closest thing to talking to your customers while they’re still in store or onsite.

Post Purchase Survey. Get to know your customer behaviour even when they’re not in-store with email surveys highlighting the post-purchase and/or post-delivery experience.


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Mystery shopping app

Mystery Shoppers Real Customers. For each evaluation, use a different mystery shopper interested in visiting your business. You get an unbiased and authentic measure of the customer experience.

Mystery Shoppers Professionals. Create your own professional mystery shopper program. Measure compliance with operational and service standards you have established for your business or your entire network. Take advantage of the efficiency of professional mystery shoppers who are trained according to your needs.

Mystery Shoppers Competitive Analysis. Discover your competitors’ best practices and gather strategic information.  Learn where your customer experience stands with respect to your competitors and surpass them by adopting new and innovative strategies.

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