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We’re very aware of the changing relationships customers have with brands. Our team is here for you — constantly pushing our technologies further to evolve with you and your customers. The result? An innovative and distinctive brand, digitally transformed. Take your brand to new levels in CX excellence. Find out the real business benefits of our technologies, today.

AI and NLP based

Find out where you should invest your time and money. Do it through actionable insights gained already interpreted and provided to you in plain language.

Real time alerts and

Manage detractors in real time right on your mobile device. Make course corrections instantly, and create greater brand loyalty.

Continuous innovation

From experience measurement to mystery shopper programs, our technologies stand out for their innovative and adaptive approach designed to continuously evolve with you and your customers.

Explore Hexia, a platform developed by our team of experts.

Hexia allows you to pool and consolidate the results of all our measurement methodologies, whether Voice of the Customer, Surveys or Mystery Shoppers, as well as the results of our Local Marketing (Localtrac) and Relationship Marketing (Publitrac), into a single platform.

When it comes to customer, employee and brand experience measurement programs, Hexia stands out for its innovative, scalable, interconnected and comprehensive approach.

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Our mystery shopping app measures how your customers interact and perceive your brand.

Designed and developed by our in-house team of experts, the Lanla app delivers detailed information about how customers interact with and perceive your brand. Real consumers in real situations. Giving you direct feedback about norms and standards. And overall customer experience. All this, as well as NPS Benchmark studies and competitive reporting.

Lanla enables the collection of targeted feedback to surface insights on specific operational standards. While open-ended comments are critical to understanding the customer experience, we go several steps further with targeted feedback about specific operational issues to proactively design customer-centric experiences.

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