Voice of Customer (VOC) 

A powerful voice that you must listen to. That of your consumers!

Voice of Customer (VOC) 

A powerful voice that you must listen to. That of your consumers!

Voice of Customer (VOC) satisfaction surveys, also referred to as customer surveys or ongoing surveys, aim to capture your customers’ satisfaction at pivotal moments in various journeys and across diverse channels, allowing you to intervene with dissatisfied customers.

You and your managers will have access to this platform. It empowers you to continuously monitor the pulse of your customers’ satisfaction and, more importantly, to swiftly address detractors, recovering and transforming them into promoters.

Bear in mind that only 4% of dissatisfied customers take the effort to voice their discontent, while 75% silently depart from your organization.

Utilizing our Hexia customer feedback management platform means capturing customer satisfaction at key moments of their journeys. You also gain access to our customer feedback management platform.

With this winning combination, you can:

Give your customers the ability to provide feedback directly through your online channels, thus deterring potential criticisms on social media.

Measure customer satisfaction after each transaction or interaction with your organization, in real-time and on a continuous basis via automated email invitations or on your invoices.

Rapidly identify pivotal experience elements requiring your attention and enhance your service offerings.

Act promptly to recover detractors and transform them into brand advocates.

Mobilize all managers within your organization around customer experience excellence, thereby bolstering overall satisfaction.

Track your key performance indicators:

A few key reports and surveys at your disposal:

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