and Workshops

and Workshops

Our skill development services for managers and staff provide you with the necessary momentum to enhance the quality of your customer service autonomously and continuously.

Empower your teams to impress you with renewed efficiency and heightened sensitivity to the importance of customer relationships through personalized training programs tailored to your company’s reality. 


Based on recommendations that arise from customer experience, employee experience and brand experience, measurement programs, our clients generally demonstrate a willingness to optimize their performance in customer service.

Our customer experience measurement programs identify improvement opportunities to guide our training based on your needs.

In addition to our lead trainer, Christian Watier, our team of experts designs personalized programs and adopts a dynamic approach perfectly tailored to your needs. We have cutting-edge tools to provide you with high-quality services, ensuring positive outcomes.


Team Formed.
Guaranteed Results.

Investing in your team’s skills ensures long-term profitability for your organization.

Skill development,employee engagement, and retention.

Continual improvement of customer experience management and customer loyalty.

Increased profitability, a more satisfied clientele results in an increased influx of customers and higher revenues, along with a positive reputation that spreads through word-of-mouth.

Awareness of the Importance of Customer Experience

The Significance of Uniformity

Handling Detractors

Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales

Knowledge and Skills

Developing an Action Plan

Queue Management

Upselling and Cross-selling

Overcoming Objections.

Moments of Truth

Employee Attraction.

Workforce Planning

Being a Good Coach

Experiential Training with a Focus on Games and Business (Team Building)

Employee Onboarding

Company Culture

Leadership et management

Management minute

Team Maturity Level

Employee Retention

Recognition, Feedback, and Communication

Effective Meeting Preparation

Company Mission, Vision, and Values

Customer Promise

Company Personality

Customer Journey

Signature Behaviors

Change Management

Organizational Development

These workshops are renowned for improving the work environment and enhancing employee engagement, directly impacting organizational performance and customer experience.

*All our training and workshops are accredited for the 1% Training Contribution Law. Approval certificate: #0059548.

What they say about us.

“The combination of the research and customer experience expertise of the Lanla team brings great value to their offering. Their Hexia customer experience management platform is very efficient and meets our strict data security rules. They define themselves as a trusted partner.”

Annie St-Arnaud, Director of Business Intelligence and Product Development, Fonds de solidarité FTQ 

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