Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey 

Discover the importance of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in managing customer experience. Adopting a multidimensional approach to measuring customer experience. 

Here are the main types of NPS: 

The “interventionist” NPS, measured immediately after a customer transaction, allows for quick interventions to improve operations, although it is less stable and more contextualized. It is a powerful management tool for operations.

The “informational-interventionist” NPS is generally measured among customers familiar with the company but whose last transaction dates back (Lanla recommends a minimum of three months). Responses are influenced by the company’s reputation, making it sensitive to specific events. Being more stable and comparable, it serves as a marketing tool to guide your company’s strategy.

The “informational” NPS measures the perception of people familiar with your company or a competitor but without recent transactions, offering a stable comparison, sensitive to reputation and often used by senior management and boards of directors.

The “informational-interventionist” NPS assesses employee satisfaction, often in the context of engagement surveys, allowing you to target actions to improve employee engagement and the quality of the customer experience.

The NPS is easy to measure

With just one question compared to “composite” indices that require multiple questions.

The index is highly credible

With several studies demonstrating its strong positive correlation with the profitability of a company.

It allows you to position yourself against competitors

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Lanla guides you in the optimal use of your NPS to boost the growth of your business.

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