Local Listings Management

Local Listings Management

Local listings management is not just for the retail industry; it applies to all industries and professions.

Local listings management is essential to strengthen your brand’s local presence. Accurate and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) are crucial to converting customers and optimizing search engines. Enhance your local marketing to increase ROI and outperform competitors by intensifying your local marketing game. Be present, relevant, and precise to attract more potential customers.

Manage Your Local Listings!

Local businesses with accurate online listings have 347% more chances of attracting potential customers – HubSpot. 

82% of businesses with proactive local listings management experienced a significant improvement in search engine rankings – Moz.

Managing your local listings in online directories can quickly become complex due to the number of directories to manage and the various directory specifications, as well as frequent updates. Don’t let these challenges overwhelm you. We can assist you in attracting new prospects and optimizing your local marketing!

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Be where it matters

Your potential customers not only use Google to search for local services but also other online directories. Be present where they are looking for you! LOCALTRAC offers you an intelligent network of directories with strong domain authority to maximize your visibility. Our packages are constantly revised to represent a smart network of directories.

Quality vs. Quantity

Our partnerships and integrations with over 100 directories and aggregators put your business at the forefront. Our team of experts keeps a constant eye on automation to ensure all content is claimed, optimized, and reflects the best practices required by directories.

A Central Hub

Optimize your local listings with LOCALTRAC, the SEO platform that ensures accuracy and consistency across multiple online directories. Instantly update your listings in bulk via APIs, follow appropriate protocols, and benefit from proactive error management by our expert team. Receive notifications to stay informed about updates to your data. Choose LOCALTRAC to maintain your online presence at its best.

Duplicate Elimination

Duplicates can be extremely disruptive to your local SEO efforts, brand image, and credibility. Our team handles duplicates specifically in each directory, ensuring effective management of mergers, claims, and deletions.

Data Analysis and Reports

We analyze your data and provide transparent reports for strategic decision-making. Track conversions, organic presence, impression volume, action clicks, and more. Customize your information for better forecasting and effective use of your marketing investments. Choose LOCALTRAC for valuable data and successful SEO.

Smart Voice Search Solutions

Optimize your SEO for voice searches. Ensure that Alexa, Google Home, and Siri used by your customers accurately represent your brand. Voice search enhances the customer experience and can strengthen your company’s SEO, following the right strategy. Leverage LOCALTRAC’s advantage by transferring your data to voice applications like Amazon to outperform your competitors. Choose LOCALTRAC to dominate voice searches and reinforce your market position.

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