Conferences and Presentations

We are excited to collaborate with you in cultivating a customer-centric culture.

Conferences and Presentations

We are excited to collaborate with you in cultivating a customer-centric culture.

Do you wish to raise awareness among your managers and employees about the significance of customer and/or employee experience, and involve them in fostering a customer-centric culture? 


We take great care in comprehending your requirements, your audience, and the guiding principles to follow. Each conference can be customized, incorporating examples unique to your company or sector.

Enhance the customer experience by starting with your employees!

Improve your events with our personalized and engaging approach!

The Importance of Measurement. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

Engaged employees, satisfied customers, and increased profitability for your company!

Understanding Your Customers to target all generations.

Perceived value for money at the heart of customer experience strategies.

An essential approach to understanding how to identify, listen, and respond to them.

Simple changes often suffice to boost sales.

Customer experience should be ingrained in the company culture and become a common goal for everyone.

Superior customer and employee experiences are essential for your business.

Team Maturity Level, Minute Management, and Action Plan.

Uniformity enables better management of expectations for the same brand.

Tips for retaining and engaging existing talent.

What if we explored the topic in-depth??

A team of senior experts is at your disposal to:

  • Communicate results.
  • Mobilize your teams to achieve specific goals.
  • Raise awareness among your network on a particular issue
  • Foster idea generation (brainstorming) and highlight improvements and successes achieved.

Our experts leverage their communication skills to engage diverse audiences, from small groups of top executives to large networks of frontline stakeholders (5 to 1000 people).

Tailored Development

We create the presentation with your unique information and requirements in mind.

Professional Simulation

We conduct simulations (dry runs) to ensure a flawless delivery.

Live Interaction

Experience interactive conferences, allowing a deep immersion into the topic discussed.

Flexible Delivery

Choose to attend the presentation in person or remotely.


We offer the presentation in both French and English to cater to your linguistic preferences.

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • B2B
  • Transportation
  • Senior Living
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • And more!


Lanla does more for you.

Together, we create the future of your business.


A rigorous quality control process for mystery evaluations.


Real-time results available through a web platform.


Concrete action plans to rapidly improve your results.

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