Christian Watier

Speaker / Consultant / Specialist

Christian Watier has a solid specialization in customer and employee experience, ranging from understanding the needs of a target clientele to the implementation of the necessary evaluation structures including setting and operating corporate targets and creating effective measurement tools to achieve objectives.

With over 1,000 conferences and training sessions under his belt, spanning across Canada, Mr. Watier specializes in measurement and management of customer and employee experience. As examples, he assists companies in defining their customer experience strategy, such as financial institutions, cooperatives, restaurant chains, hardware stores, pharmaceutical companies, public and semi-public entities, professional associations, and transportation companies, among others. His expertise and knowledge make him a key resource in ensuring the successful implementation and coordination of projects, as well as the effective dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders. Well-versed in networking events and recognized for his adaptability, Christian is the ideal person to deliver network speeches and presentations to various stakeholders.


What they say about us.

“Every year, during our annual conference and general meetings, we reserve a prime spot for Mr. Watier as a speaker. He possesses unparalleled stage presence and remains consistently relevant year after year. He contributes to the success of not only our event but also our company! “ 

Valérie Roy, General Manager for Énergie Cardio

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