Organizational Diagnosis

Optimize your results by understanding your business and employees better! 

Organizational Diagnosis

Optimize your results by understanding your business and employees better! 

Whether it’s understanding the real strengths and weaknesses of your business, validating the optimality of your operational processes, or updating your standards, both from an organizational perspective and within specific sectors such as a department or even a team, we assess the health of your services to identify strengths, dysfunctions, and areas for improvement. 

Whether due to excessive closeness to the daily operations of the business or because employees prefer to keep certain observed elements silent, it can be challenging for managers to gain a fair view of internal situations, let alone improve problematic elements. 

Our team of experts analyzes your needs to develop a measurement strategy and tools that collect objective, reliable, and comprehensive data, both from the management and your employees. Your results are analyzed by our professionals to offer recommendations based on the real situation of your business when presenting the results to your management team. 

What sets Lanla’s expertise apart in conducting your organizational diagnosis is that, in addition to providing the neutral and objective perspective of specialists, we act as an extension of your business, a partner entirely dedicated to the quality of your employee experience, which is crucial to the excellence of the customer experience. We work passionately towards achieving one goal: helping you meet, and even exceed, the expectations of your employees and customers.

Our experts assist you in planning tailored, concrete actions based on the organizational diagnosis of the employee experience to observably optimize your employees’ engagement. 

We establish a customized action plan according to your needs, structured with concrete and easily implementable steps. To assess the impact of the measures implemented within your teams, we ensure that each objective is specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable within a reasonable timeframe.

The Lanla Benefits 

Together, we create the future of your business!


Optimal and personalized solutions according to the real needs of your organization.


Improved working climate and better employee retention. 


As a dedicated partner to improving your employee experience, witness your performance grow in terms of customer experience.

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