Customer Experience in Restaurant

Are your customers hungry for your restaurant?

Customer Experience in Restaurant

Are your customers hungry for your restaurant? 

Whether to optimize your customer journeys, evaluate the application of your restaurant standards, or for your external services (delivery, drive-thru, or takeout counter), our solutions help guide your employees on the most important elements to ensure consistency in your performanceacross your network. Our programs can also be used for competitive monitoring and provide you with high-value strategic information, such as competitor prices and menus.

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Supported by our Hexia platform, our continuous survey programs allow you to capture real-time customer satisfaction, whether for in-restaurant experiences or your external services. You can track key customer experience indicators, including satisfaction at each service stage and Net Promoter Score (NPS). In addition to improving your online reviews by encouraging promoters to voice their opinions, this solution allows you to proactively engage with dissatisfied customers.

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With our Localtrac platform, strengthen your local presence and reputation by optimizing the management of your business information on numerous online directories as well as managing your online reviews and comments. Save hours of management by pushing your business changes to multiple directories directly through our platform, as well as by creating response templates and automated responses to reviews.

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Positioning and NPS Surveys

By combining our panel of respondents with your customer lists, we will be able to measure your visibility, the perception of your brand image, as well as the consumption habits and motivations of your loyal, non-loyal, and potential customers. You will also be able to clearly position the customer experience of your restaurants against each of your competitors, identify change drivers, and implement effective action plans to propel your brand to the top!

Employee Engagement Survey

Our employee engagement surveys are designed to identify the obstacles that hinder the mobilization of your teams, whether it be headquarters resources, kitchen staff, or service teams (hosts, servers, maintenance, etc.). These annual surveys allow you to obtain a diagnosis of satisfaction on the major pillars of the employee experience to identify change levers and implement concrete action plans that will mobilize and retain your staff.

Conferences and Training Workshops

Use the results of your customer, employee, and brand experience measurement programs to train your restaurant employees and managers on the most important aspects for your customers. Our personalized approach allows you to adapt conferences and training sessions according to your priorities and strategic directions. Topics that can be addressed are numerous: customer experience, employee mobilization, consumer expectations,…

Data Analysis and Valorization

Thanks to our personalized approach, our team of experts can precisely target your goals and analysis needs for your restaurants to push the results to another level. Our customizable deliverables are aimed at key headquarters resources and territory managers to maximize your results and transform your data into operational, strategic, and marketing assets. By identifying the most impactful levers, you will be able to focus your resources on the operational elements that have the most impact on consumers, both at reception, in the kitchen, and for service.

POS displays, brand identity, communication tools, and digital marketing

Whether to review your brand identity, develop a unique signature that reflects the foundations of your restaurant, or increase the visibility and notoriety of your brand, the Lanla team is here to assist you. We are also experts in distinguishing your brand and products in grocery stores through our point-of-sale advertising (POS), packagingkiosks, etc. Contact us, the possibilities are endless!

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