Recommendations and Support

Make the client at the focus of your strategy 

Recommendations and Support

Make the client at the focus of your strategy 

Discover our strategies and recommendations in making the client the focus of your employee experience approach. Benefit from the expertise of a multidisciplinary team to develop a customer-centric culture. Improve your practices and use powerful measurement tools.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together experienced and dynamic professionals, specializing in complementary fields of expertise ranging from marketing to training, including industrial psychology and psychometrics. By relying on rigorous data collection, they can accompany you, provide personalized training to your employees and managers, as well as guide you in business decision-making. 

What sets us apart from our competitors? Continuous support you can count on at every step of your process. To develop a real customer-centric corporate culture, our consultants will accompany your managers and resources in the field. They will provide them with judicious recommendations and an effective action plan, established in priority order according to your situation. 

Strengthen your corporate culture with our experts. 

• Understand the best practices in customer experience management in your sector. 

• Identify friction points in your customer journeys and prioritize actions to take. 

• Identify the best measurement processes to elevate your customer knowledge. 

• Define and revise your service standards in collaboration with key members of your organization. 

• Infuse your organization with a customer-oriented culture. 

• Develop targeted actions to strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

• Use and interpret your data during decision-making to ensure the quality and consistency of the customer experience. 

• Develop the skills of your employees, the first ambassadors of your brand. 

Lanla Benefits

Together, we create the future of your business!


A multidisciplinary team of customer experience experts.


Recommendations and guidance throughout your customer experience measurement and management process.


Powerful measurement tools enabling action based on your customers’ feedback.

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