Our segmentation module in PUBLITRAC stands out for its ability to manage, in real-time, the information generated by your contacts’ interactions with your digital assets. Each interaction enhances your database, laying the foundation for highly precise customer segmentation for all your campaigns.

Enrich your customer profiles by tracking their interactions with your digital assets. Segment based on the profile and behavior of your contacts.

Centralization of Data

With our powerful API, gather in real-time all customer data from various sources into a single location. Take advantage of this centralization to refine profiles and create segments, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Effective Targeting

Target and segment your contacts with the segmentation module developed for marketing specialists. Contact profiling enables the creation of lists by targeting your contacts’ past actions on your digital assets, their attributes, and their interests.

Management of Lists and Customer Profiles

Create, synchronize, import, and merge your lists. Each of your contacts has a unique profile that consolidates the history of all their actions on your digital assets.

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