6 Reasons Your Customers Do Not Complain

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November 21, 2017 / 2 min read


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6 Reasons Your Customers Do Not Complain

Why aren’t you hearing from your customers when they are dissatisfied with their experience with your business? Here are 6 reasons that can explain why.

Did you know that 96% of dissatisfied customers will not complain directly to a business and 91% of them will never do business with them again? By reading this article, you will realize that, to establish a lasting relationship with their customers, businesses need to focus on how to give their customers ways to put their frustrations into words.

For example, here are 6 reasons that explain why your customers don’t express their complaints, along with various ways you can encourage your customers to share their feedback:

  1. The customer doesn’t want to make the effort: Eliminate any unnecessary processes or actions that would discourage customers from making the effort to complain or share feedback with you.
  2. The customer believes there’s no point: The biggest reward or compliment you can give a customer who complains is to address the necessary issues highlighted. This proves to the customer that taking the time to make the complaint was worthwhile.
  3. The customer doesn’t want to create problems: A good way to eliminate any guilty feeling is to make the customer’s identity as discreet as possible. Moreover, it is essential to communicate early on that the feedback or complaint would be used to train employees and improve services.
  4. The customer has a shy personality: Rather than speaking up, some customers choose to stay silent. Unfortunately, such customers will end up with a competitor sooner or later if the problem isn’t addressed. To reach them, you need to get proactive about soliciting their feedback.
  5. The customer won’t speak up without being asked: Your customers will be more likely to open up and share feedback with you if you ask them. Encourage your customers to give you feedback and to voice any complaints.
  6. They Have Made Up Their Minds: Some customers will put up with any problem because they have already made up their minds not to do business with you anymore. You need to follow up with customers (for example, after a business transaction) to send a strong message that you actually value their opinion.

Would you like to gather and use your customers’ comments proactively so you can improve customer experience? Why not contact us to set up a satisfaction survey?

Source: http://customerthink.com/6-reasons-your-customers-do-not-complain/

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