AQPP: 3 essential elements of a successful brand


November 1, 2021 / 3 min read


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AQPP: 3 essential elements of a successful brand

When we think of a brand, we often think of logos and colour schemes. But a brand is much more than this.

A brand is a living breathing thing, an experience provided to the public throughout their everyday relationship with it. It is the message it carries, the tone of voice it uses. Every customer touchpoint is a handshake with your brand, an open conversation, a Human experience.

Let’s take AQPP’s case as example. The Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) is a pillar of community pharmacy in Quebec. They provide undeniable leadership with regard to their members’ professional and economic performance so as to optimize the role of pharmacists in the health system both in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. We were mandated with overseeing their rebranding operation.

What exactly do you have to consider when doing branding?

Your brand speaks to your public and separates you from your competitors. It is rooted in the heart, expands in the essence, and flourishes in the body. There is a constant conversation going on, a continuous realignment of these elements to keep the brand consistent, relevant and engaging.


01. The Heart

It all starts here. The values. The heart is the core message and has to visually translate in the logo and name. It allows the public to connect emotionally with the brand and, if used consistently across the customer experience, is what breeds trust. Trust generates loyal customers and proud employees.


02. The Essence

Now that you have a name, a logo and a strong set of values defined, How do you bring it to life? Let Your Brand Tell A Story. There are many facets to a brand identity, and they all need to be addressed: Tone of voice, slogan, images, colors, graphic elements, … While they keep the values at their center, these are powered by the company’s mission and vision. Having a clear message, an engaging story, makes it easier for all team members to rally and speak as a unified voice.


03. The Body

A well‑defined and consistent brand experience attracts like‑minded employees but also like‑minded customers. We are now talking about a community revolving around and within a brand. In this way, a strong brand clarifies how your organization behaves both externally and internally. All the touchpoints (website, social media, email, advertising, signage,…) must present consistent images and messaging. This last element, the ”body”, gives the brand tangible tools to share stories with the customers and achieve the business’s over‑arching goals.


Unsure where to start on your BX journey?

Let’s talk!

Creating a Brand Experience for now and the future

Branding is the art of building a legacy based on values and needs. It is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. While AQPP’s rebranding exercise was finalised in 2017, it is still relevant today. The three essential elements provide a foundation for building a long-lasting brand and also help keep the communication efforts aligned moving forward.

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