Rio Tinto : Inspiring employees to take pride


December 23, 2021 / 2 min read


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Rio Tinto : Inspiring employees to take pride

Pride ignites people, and that motivation to excel is what we are looking for. When employees get behind a bigger purpose, their engagement and pride escalates as the most powerful force multiplier.

Rio Tinto wanted to send a clear message to their employees: They are the core of the business. Our mandate was to create communication tools that generated pride and united their international task force under the vision Reimagine Aluminium. In a nutshell, Reimagine Aluminium is about deciding to do better to maintain a competitive edge and build on a legacy.


The video, posters, PowerPoint templates, banners and other tools carried the message that operators make a difference everyday through their hard work, ability to innovate and their commitment. The whole campaign was based on 6 aspirations that globally reflected the vision “Reimagine Aluminium”. We wanted the employees to feel proud of their work, what they produce and what they create for their community. The concept was visually portrayed by the continuity between two images linking the work of the Operators and the impact it has on people, the environment and the world. The diverse posters and banners were displayed on-site all over the world.

Proud of our long lasting relationship

No matter the industry, making business relationships more human is key to success in the long term. Nurturing the needs of any client, candidate or customer can go a long way to forging relationships that last forever.

We had been producing most of Alcan’s communications tools for more than 10 years when we became a privileged supplier for Rio Tinto. We are still working on projects from around the world, especially Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Australia. Today and for the past 20+ years, we collaborate on multiple projects in print, Web, corporate presentations, animation, employee newsletters, booths and trophies, to name a few.


“We’ve been working with Union (TM Design) for nearly 20 years. There is no lack of creativity, passion, understanding of the issues and professionalism, no matter how big or how small the project at hand. Collaboration and respect core values bind us.”

– Genevieve Latour, Chief Advisor, Strategic Partnerships, Aluminium at Rio Tinto.


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The benefits of transforming single-project clients into permanent business partners generates referrals, networking outreach, and basically turn clients into brand ambassadors. When regarded and treated as a partner, a client will be far more likely to listen with trust and genuinely appreciate the work done.

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