NouvLR: Branding to Raise Awareness


October 25, 2021 / 2 min read


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NouvLR: Branding to Raise Awareness

Successful brands are loved, trusted, and shared. Continuously investing into branding products and services is the way to generate the ever sought-after “customer advocacy”. But employees also need to feel a connection to the brand they work for each day. Internal branding is about connecting employees to your company’s story.

A little TLC

That emotional bond we experience daily with our favorite brands can also be used to create magic in our work environments. When all your team is dedicated and on-message, they can better tailor their actions to support your vision and mission.

That is precisely how we strengthen NouvLR’s internal programs:
1) We label them, so they have their own signature
2) We create a personalized and on-brand visual identity
3) We promote them


Basically, we treat employee experience programs with the same love and care we do customer’s communications. Branding is a very important component of internal programs. If the program is not sold to the team, it becomes hard to get a high-level of engagement.

Giving safety and diversity a brand

For NouvLR, nurturing diversity and security is a real culture. Making sure the whole team walks the walk and talks the talk is long term process. Creating distinctive visual identities for both “Security for life” and “Let’s build Diversity and inclusion” programs was a very powerful way to convey a unifying message and to ensure greater visibility for these two initiatives.


Making it visible and memorable

Both programs were launched and integrated into every corner of the organization. From posters to logos on enormous overhead cranes to crests on apparel to stickers on hard hats. Communicating NouvLR’s top priorities to the entire staff was our first goal. When employees are not just aligned with the message, but represent and support it, they become ambassadors. THIS RIGHT HERE, that bond, is what we were looking for.

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Embodying the message enabled each team member to live the brand’s values in their everyday duties through words and actions. With a great branding and communication strategy, we were able to create a sense of ownership and belonging at all levels. The core of our approach was to connect the employee’s personal values to the marketing campaign. If we could make people proud to connect, they would engage… and they did.

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