Customer Experience in Private Seniors’ Residences (RPA)

Customer Experience in Private Seniors’ Residences (RPA)

Whether it’s optimizing services for your potential clients during a prospect visit or ensuring uniformity in the application of your standards, our solutions help guide your leasing managers towards the most important aspects of the customer journey. Our programs can also be used to monitor competition and provide valuable strategic insights related to pricing and inclusions. For your already operational or developing residences, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of the competitive market for each property, along with an assessment of your group’s position in that market.

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Supported by our Hexia platform, our continuous survey programs allow you to capture the satisfaction of your residents (current and potential) in real-time. You’ll be able to track key customer experience indicators, including satisfaction at each stage of the process of integrating new residents and visiting residences. This solution enables you to proactively address dissatisfied customers.

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Localtrac offers RPA an integrated solution to manage their local visibility and online reputation. By centralizing the management of business information across various online directories, residences can ensure a consistent and effective presence. The platform also simplifies the management of reviews and comments, allowing establishments to respond quickly and professionally. Additionally, with the creation of response templates and automated responses to reviews, Localtrac enables managers to save time while maintaining proactive communication with their residents (current or potential) and their families, thereby enhancing their online reputation.

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Positioning and Satisfaction Surveys

Our resident satisfaction survey allows you to diagnose the performance of each residence and each service offered (food, recreation, care, maintenance, etc.). This will enable you to establish an operational action plan and identify strengths and areas for improvement.

By merging our panel with your customer base, we can assess your visibility, brand image perception, and the decision-making process of choosing a residence. You’ll also be able to clearly distinguish the customer experience offered by your residences compared to your competitors, identify changing factors, and develop effective marketing strategies.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee turnover rates in RPAs are often higher than in other sectors, ranging from 30% to 50%. This can negatively impact the quality of services provided and the customer experience. Our employee engagement surveys are specially designed to identify obstacles hindering the motivation of your teams, whether they are employees in headquarters, food service, resident care, recreation, or reception. Conducted annually, these surveys provide an in-depth diagnosis of satisfaction regarding key aspects of the employee experience, to identify change drivers and implement concrete action plans to mobilize and retain your staff.

Conferences and Training Workshops

Renowned speaker and consultant annually endorsed by the RQRA and numerous RPA groups, Christian Watier possesses extensive expertise in senior living residences. He also assists several companies in defining their customer and employee experience strategy, implementing a culture of customer and employee experience, and effectively disseminating results to relevant stakeholders.

Utilize the data from your initiatives to train your teams and managers on essential aspects for your clients. Our personalized approach allows you to tailor training content according to your priorities and strategies, covering various topics such as customer experience during prospect visits, employee experience in RPAs, the importance of consistency, leadership, and communication.

Data Analysis and Valuation

With our personalized approach, our team of experts can precisely target your analysis goals and needs for your establishments to propel your results. Our customized reports are designed to meet the needs of key resources in headquarters, leasing managers, and residence managers, to optimize your performance and convert your data into operational, strategic, and marketing advantages. By identifying the most effective levers, you can focus your efforts on operational aspects that have the greatest impact on your current and potential residents.

Brand Identity, Communication Tools, and Digital Marketing

Launch your next awareness campaign with our team of expert designers. Refresh your brand identity and create communication tools that reflect your values and differentiating elements. Our experience allows us to meet the specific needs of your sector, to convert your ideas into impactful concepts. We can help you focus your efforts on what will resonate most with your current and future residents. We understand your reality and are ready to develop the attracting power of your brand!

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