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We build long-lasting relationships between brands and people.

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We build long-lasting relationships between brands and people.

Customer Experience

Customer experience goes beyond the simple measure of satisfaction, it is the merging of tangible and intangible elements of your relationship with your customers i.e. all the emotions and feelings felt by customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service from your company.

Lanla not only measures experience, it also plays a key role as partner in the implementation of a customer-centric corporate culture.


We build long-lasting relationships between brands and people.

Brand Experience


Since 1984, we bring together passionate creatives who structure and design strong and effective identities.

We give a personality to ideas, companies, brands and products to make them shine, reach their target customers and stand out in their market. We are everything you need…and more.

Ready to shake things up?


We build long-lasting relationships between brands and people.

Employee Experience

Bringing customers and brands closer together is our raison d’être. And we’re really good at it. Because we go far beyond consumer profiles to understand customers as humans first. The magic behind it all is behavioural science and technology. Helping us to understand the key drivers of satisfaction, and build the brands that people really love and can’t do without.


“Lanla works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

Our clients

Conferences, Presentations & Workshops.

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Are you looking to increase the awareness of your managers and employees to the importance of the customer experience and get them involved in building a customer-centric culture? Christian Watier, President and Chief Science Officer at lanla, delivers personalized talks at one-off events and at a variety of major business conventions. By constantly monitoring all things customer experience, we create talks enhanced by real-world examples and in tune with the latest trends.


hexa mockuplanla mockup

Hexa is our customer experience management platform especially designed to help you develop deeper relationships with your customers.

Hexa works hard to gather the information you need to adapt your business to the times. It consolidates data sets including survey, social media and ratings and reviews and displays them on a comprehensive dashboard with clear insights and recommended actions. Real-time notifications giving you AI-based analytics so you get what’s working and what’s changing in your business. In short, Hexa helps your business improve customer satisfaction.


Our mystery shopping app measures how your customers interact and perceive your brand.

Our mystery shopping service is a leader in the field for the past two decades. In essence, delivering detailed information about how customers interact with your brand and perceive your brand. Real consumers in real situations. Giving you direct feedback about norms and standards. And overall customer experience. All this, as well as NPS Benchmark studies and competitive reporting.


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