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Thanks to the variety of our mystery shopper programs, you will be able to measure your employees’ compliance to your service standards, understand your customers’ perception of the service offered, as well as analyze your competitor’s offer and performance. lanla is an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau.

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What do you mean by customer experience?

To put it simply, measuring customer experience is all about identifying and quantifying the gap between compliance and customer satisfaction.


Compliance measurement

The gap between service norms established by the organization and those that the employees practice in reality.

Client satisfaction measurement

The gap between client expectations and customer expectations of service.

Customer experience measure

The gap between the actions taken for the customer and their perception of the service received. In other words, the customer experience is the comparison between customer perception and defined norms and standards.

The mystery shopper offer

Mystery Shoppers
Real Customers

For each evaluation, use a different mystery shopper interested in visiting your business. By doing so, each mystery shopper will be able to evaluate your staff’s compliance with your service standards and their satisfaction with the experience.

Result: You get an unbiased and authentic measure of the customer experience, based upon criteria that are just as important to your business as it is to your customers. Then, you can identify your priorities and optimize your customer experience.

Mystery Shoppers

Create your own professional mystery shopper program. Measure compliance with operational and service standards you have established for your business or your entire network. Take advantage of the efficiency of professional mystery shoppers who are trained according to your needs.

Mystery Shoppers
Competitive Analysis

Discover your competitors’ best practices and gather strategic information. Call upon our mystery shoppers’ cohort to learn about the best practices in your industry and gather value-added insights. Learn where your customer experience stands with respect to your competitors and surpass them by adopting new and innovative strategies.

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