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A dynamic brand requires relevant and surprising communication tools. Combine strategy and creativity to reach your clients. Create engaging content across all your communication channels.

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Effective and transparent communication builds trust and reflects the true value of your business on a sustainable basis.

Do you want to refresh or create communication tools that truly reflect the foundations of your business? Annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports, case studies, service offering brochures, sales sheets, flyers, folders, leaflets, catalogs, and more. 

We are attentive to your needs and ready to take action!

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We work with you to create exhibition booths that transform your brand into an engaging experience. 

From selecting trade shows to inviting clients, to your first visitor, we provide tailor-made solutions that will set you apart while maximizing every square foot. 

Our methodology proposes concepts that align with your objectives. Regardless of the format and budget, our turnkey approach combines creation and strategy to help you discover, seize, and maximize event marketing opportunities. 

Discover our secrets, call on our experts! 

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What are the best ways to draw attention to your products, engage in a dialogue with your customers, and increase your sales? 

The answer is simple: POS and packaging. Whether on display or online, there is a key moment when the product becomes the sole spokesperson in front of the customer. 

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, entertainment, retail, etc., industries, there is a wide choice of POS in all shapes and sizes to help you communicate your message. Online purchases are also taking up an increasing place in the market. Packaging must therefore take into account the convergence of in-person and virtual purchases. 

We understand your reality and are ready to enhance the attraction power of your brand!

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“The Ver-Mac marketing team really enjoyed working with Lanla. In addition to respecting our timeline, their team understood what we wanted to achieve and helped us exceed our goals.”

Richard Lavoie, Marketing Director, Ver-Mac

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