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Where should i live ?

We are always interested in recruiting mystery shoppers from all regions of Quebec and Canada. To register, you can submit your application directly online. Once registered, we will confirm everything quickly.


Who choose my missions ?

Once accepted as a mystery shopper, you have no obligation to do a maximum or a minimum of mission every year. It’s entirely up to you. All we ask from you is to carefully read the scenario of each mission before selecting it and to respect the time allowed to complete it. It is also strongly recommended that you only choose missions that really interest you so that your assessment is representative of a real client for the evaluated company.


What are the benefits ?

Each mission is different and the salary can vary between $ 10 and $ 40. Some missions have no salary (online survey) but once completed, your name is automatically entered for a draw. The prizes to be won vary (e.g.: cash, subscription to a training center, gift baskets, etc.)

Frequently asked question

What is a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers are real consumers except that, in addition to shopping or making their purchases as usual, they also measure the quality of service offered at the visited establishment.

What factors determine the success of a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper’s main purpose is to contribute and help a business improve. The mystery shopper’s mandate does not in any case imply spying or punishment. A good mystery shopper knows how to observe and listen! Obviously, stringent adherence to professional ethics plays a very important part in carrying out this work.

Was all my information retained with the new site?

Your personal information, the history of your missions, the communications as well as your previous payments have all been kept.

Why aren’t there any available missions in my area?

Missions are offered to our mystery shoppers according to the needs of the companies evaluated and the socio-demographic profile of the clientele represented. It is possible that on occasion, no missions are visible in your preference zone. If this is the case at the time of your connection, we invite you to reconnect later and frequently, in order to see the new missions available. A variety of new missions are put online on a regular and continuous basis, according to the requests and needs of our corporate partners.

Why would a company name be found more than once in the “Available missions”?

A variety of new and popular missions are posted online on a regular and continuous basis, depending on the current needs and requests of our corporate partners. We invite you to frequently visit the site in order to select a mission of your choice.

I cannot see the details for the mission I am interested in. Why?

This mission might be available in the near future, which means it is not yet available to our mystery shoppers. To only view missions that are available at the moment, uncheck the Upcoming missions option in the filter feature. On the other hand, if you cannot view the details for a current mission, it might be because a mystery shopper is already in the process of consulting it. We invite you to refresh your page every few minutes to see if the mission will be released by the mystery shopper viewing it. Finally, you might currently be on rotation with this corporate client, and will be able to view the details only when your rotation period is over.

What happens if I choose a mission but don’t do the work for which I committed?

Remember that when you choose a mission, you agree to respect the parameters described in the scenario and the time allotted to submit the results. Failure to comply with these rules makes us question your commitment and your discipline as a mystery shopper and creates problems that may have negative consequences for lanla (non-compliance with commitments made to our corporate clients, loss of credibility…).

Note that it is your responsibility to respect the parameters of each mission that you select. If, for any reason, you realize that you will be unable to send us your results before the deadline, you are required to contact us immediately in order to avoid a negative note in your file.

Do the missions found in the Available missions tab change regularly?

Several popular missions are posted regularly, sometimes without notice. Visit the site frequently in order to select a mission of your choice.

Will I receive an email stating that new missions are available?

The search and selection of missions is done autonomously, via each mystery shopper profile, in the ”Available Missions” tab.  However, on occasion, we might spontaneously send you emails to offer you specific missions or to inform you of new missions.

Do all mystery shoppers have access to all the missions?

The missions you see in the tab Available missions are only those that match your socio-demographic profile (age, gender, etc.), and that are located within your “favorite area” (area specified in your profile).

How do I successfully complete a mission as a mystery shopper?

Nothing is easier! Here are the steps to follow:

View the missions:

First, view the “Available missions” section to identify the missions currently available or the other section to see the upcoming missions that might interest you.

The missions are posted regularly, so visit the site frequently in order to select a popular mission of your choice!

Choose a mission:

When a mission interests you, click on its icon to read the general instructions. If the mission is already being viewed by another mystery shopper, try again in a few minutes.

Acceptance procedure:

After reading the general instructions, and if you’re still interested, you will have access to the scenario detailing all the parameters necessary to conduct the mission successfully. (Take note that if the parameters aren’t followed properly, your mission will be cancelled and you will not be paid.)

You have 15 minutes to decide whether you accept or refuse the mission. After this time, the mission will become available again to all mystery shoppers. The mission is registered in your account the moment you click on the “Accept officially” button. It is then your responsibility to complete this mission.

It then becomes visible in the “Home page” and “My missions” tabs under the “Ongoing missions” heading.

The mission is of no interest to you? Simply return to the list of available missions by clicking on the link.

Ongoing missions:

Once you accept the mission, you are allocated a specific amount of time to complete it.

This delay corresponds to the time you have to carry out the mission and to submit your results. If you have not carried out your mission or you are in the process of completing your questionnaire when the time runs out, the mission will considered as incomplete and will disappear from your account. So, it is important that you plan your time carefully.

If you need more time to complete the mission, you can request an extension. For this, several options are available to you:

By clicking on the “Request an extension delay” link available in the “Home” and “My missions” tabs in your mystery shopper account:

By phone at 1-866-333-5265 or by email:

Caution! Allow enough time to notify us. For example, please contact us by phone if your delay expires soon (ex. within the next few hours) in order to allow us enough time to process your request. Remember to always take our office hours into consideration.

Prior to the mission
You must read the mission scenario and take note of all specific details. For questions about the scenario, do not hesitate to contact us.

Before carrying out your mission, always read the questionnaire that you will have to fill out by clicking on the cheat-sheet. We strongly suggest that you print your scenario and your cheat-sheet before doing your mission.

After completing your mission
After completing your mission within the specified parameters in the scenario (for example: specific day and time slot, mission done at the right branch…), you can submit your results online.

If a purchase is required during the mission, you must enter the invoice information (number, date, time, and amount) at the end of the questionnaire.

After, your submitted questionnaire will be evaluated by our team within the next few days. You are required to keep your notes for at least 3 months following the day you transmitted your questionnaire as we might contact you to clarify details of your mission.

The amount to be paid will appear in the “My Previous Missions” section, under “My Missions” tab, and will be issued to you by direct deposit during the following pay period, if you are registered for direct deposit.

Your safety is an important matter for us, so here are some tips

Protect yourself

In case you’re not sure, check these information :

We will never contact you via text messages
We will never ask you for money
We will always contact you via email (we have our own domains, or or by phone
Our company name from the Canadian Business Registry Canadiennes : NEQ# 1160870797
Don’t make a decision without studying the offer carefully. Get objective advice before you act.

Beware of schemes that promise you a guaranteed income or job offers for which you have to pay fees or transfer funds. Don’t send money! Make sure franchise offers are legitimate.

Make sure you have all the details before you pay or sign anything.


All payments for our mystery shoppers are made by direct deposit without exception. This is the safest way to avoid mistakes and fraud. To do this, two documents are legally required. A void cheque and a completed Direct Deposit  Form.

To activate your direct deposit, please send us these two documents by email at or . You will receive an email within 24-48 business hours, confirming the activation.

In case of attempted fraud

Do not hesitate to contact us to validate any dubious information or to inform us of a potential fraud! By phone at 1-866-333-5265 or by email at or including as much evidence as possible.

To provide information that may be relevant to the police force call 1-888-495-8501 or complete an online report at:

How to cancel my account ?

You can cancel your registration at any time. Simply contact us by phone or email and your request will be processed within 24 hours.

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