You have a ground-breaking new product or service? We have what it takes to help you build a service culture and customer-centric approach.

Evolving Businesses

You want to transform your mission, vision and values into a CX signature? We’re here to help you consolidate it through a human approach.

Established Businesses

You want to refresh your service culture with a structured plan? We’re here to help you build on your strengths and turn your challenges into opportunities.

Human Experience

Driven by human centricity, we help you align values and needs to create your own signature experience.

Employee Experience


Union ambassador signature program

You have the vision, mission and values. We’re here to transform it into a service culture.

We create behavioural standards to ensure consistency across your experience. We foster it through integrated base training, measurement and recognition. We focus on team synergy. And build communications around program results, achievements and opportunities. All this, and the means to achieve it all through customer-centric tools such as performance boards, and standardized product information.

Most service culture program success stories start with the right casting. Which is why we aim to develop ambassadors from day one. Whether it is through an integration program for new employees or an ongoing structure for all staff, we engage your brand ambassadors to maintain standards across all sectors. And ultimately, we recognize and acknowledge performance.

And to truly embed your service culture program into your company, we also offer branding services, to help you create a unique communications and visual signature for your program. One that all of your ambassadors can rally around. Working together with you, we’ll  find the name, and develop the brand image for your program.

Recognition integrated approach

Our made-to-measure plans help you support and acknowledge performance improvement and achievement.

Recognition can go a long way. Tailored recognition even further. It’s a powerful way to mobilize employees and management around a customer-centric service culture. Lending credibility to customer experience programs and true ownership at all levels. And we’ll get you there with the right combination of training, performance results, management performance measurement tools, and communication-driven recognition initiatives.

Strategic mentoring Leadership advisory support

We’re there for you to provide objectives and creative support to upper management as they align their service culture strategy with their values and targets.


If you want to go fast, go on your own. If you want to go far, go together. One of our signature services, strategic mentoring is there to help you efficiently generate positive results or resolve stalemate situations. Ask about our consulting services c that you can use at any time for any situation, special assignments, time-sensitive needs, or even brainstorming sessions.

Union lab

It’s all about chemistry. Discovering  innovative practices to integrate improvements to the employee and customer journeys and experiences.

We do it through a variety of unique technologies that best suit your company and culture. New approach assessment. Iterative design. Fast route to best practices. And pro-active strategy development. We also leverage design thinking for procedures and policies, as well as product development and fine-tuning. And for specific needs, design and development of cutting edge CX technologies.

Thought Leadership initiatives

To build a community of CX, EX … HX passionates.

Success is never static. It’s an ongoing evolution. And it’s essential to stay on top of new trends, and even more so, to create your own. We take our cue from our partnership success stories, conferences — the latest in literature across all media. We’re always open to share what we’ve learned. Talk to us about how we can make our various forums and discussions work for you: book clubs, networking evenings, workshops on hot topics, and more.

Brand Experience


Brand and Culture Alignment

Culture is built on communication.

It can’t happen just one way. What happens inside the organization shows up on the outside, and when customers recall their experiences, they always connect them with the brand’s story. Creating cultural relevance through brand experiences is our speciality.

Culture program branding

Truly embed your service culture program into your company by creating a unique communications and visual signature for your program.

One that all of your ambassadors can rally around. Working together with you, we’ll you find the name, and develop the brand image for your program.

Customer Experience


Union Customer Experience Maturity Model

Here’s how we do it: diagnosis, interviews, recommendations, action plan integration and measurement.

If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. In essence, this assessment model measures the level of maturity an organization has reached in its customer experience organization evolution.  And it’s invaluable. Providing concrete recommendations on how to affect service culture change and develop a unique CX signature.

Workshops and Training

It’s all about getting everyone onboard.

And it starts with introducing company standards to new employees and renewing company standards with existing staff throughout the company. In essence, creating and fostering a true service culture focus at all levels.

We achieve this shift through made-to-measure programs such as leadership training, management training, front-line management and employee workshops. We also offer training in organization service culture, employee specific performance, sales, as well as the art of listening for call centres.

Measurement tools built for business impact

We’re here to help you measure up, and beyond.

How does your business stand out ? Are you getting the best return on your investment? We measure it all through innovative and accessible technology. And we take it far beyond the numbers and translate our findin gs into training and initiatives to achieve your service culture goals, build momentum, and ultimately recognize the people that stand behind your brand.

Research Technologies

“Lanla works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

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