Customer Experience in the Retail Industry

Are Your Customers Drawn to Your Store?

Customer Experience in the Retail Industry

Are Your Customers Drawn to Your Store?

Whether fortifying your customer journeys, assessing store compliance by department or services (delivery, click and collect, etc.), our solutions help guide your managers and employees towards crucial aspects to ensure performance consistency across your network. Our programs can also be leveraged for competitive intelligence, providing valuable strategic insights into your competitors’ best practices.

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Through our Hexia platform, our continuous survey programs allow you to capture customer satisfaction in real-time, whether it’s for their in-store purchase experiences with or without purchase, delivery and installation, as well as product quality. You’ll be able to track key customer experience metrics, including satisfaction at each service touchpoint and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Furthermore to boosting your online reviews by encouraging promoters to share their opinions, our management platform enables you to proactively address detractors.

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With the assistance of our Localtrac platform, retailers can address several key challenges in customer experience. By ensuring brand consistency across various online channels, we enhance your local presence and reputation. Our management tools also simplify understanding customer purchasing behaviors, enabling you to adapt and optimize your strategies. Digital transformation is facilitated by our intuitive platform, helping you remain competitive in an ever-evolving market. Lastly, by providing an optimized customer experience and fostering customer loyalty through effective management of online reviews (response templates and automated responses), we assist you in solidifying your market position.

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Positioning and NPS Surveys

By merging our respondent panel with your customer lists, we can evaluate your visibility, the image you project, as well as the purchasing habits and motivations of your loyal, undecided, and potential customers. You can also clearly differentiate your store’s customer experience from that of your competitors, identify change levers, and develop effective strategies to uplift your brand!

Employee Engagement Survey

Our employee engagement surveys aim to identify obstacles hindering your teams’ motivation, whether at headquarters, warehouses, or shop floor teams. Our reports provide you with a satisfaction diagnosis on the foundations of your employee experience, enabling you to identify change levers and implement concrete strategies to engage and retain your employees.

Conferences and Training Workshops

Leverage the data from your customer experience evaluation programs, employee engagement, and brand perception to educate your in-store staff and managers on the essential elements for your clientele. With our approach, you can tailor training sessions and conferences according to your values and strategic objectives. Various themes can be addressed, such as the value of excellent service, upselling techniques, the impact of a warm welcome, making the customer a priority every day, and more.

Data Analysis and Valorization

With our customized approach, our team of experts precisely identifies your analytical goals and needs for your establishments, propelling your performance to a higher level. Our customized reports are designed for headquarters decision-makers and field managers, optimizing your results and converting your data into operational, strategic, and marketing advantages. By highlighting the most impactful levers, you can focus your efforts on the most influential operational aspects for consumers, both at reception, on the shop floor, and at the checkout.

POS displays, brand identity, communication tools, and digital marketing

Explore Lanla’s wide range of design solutions, whether you seek to revitalize your brand identity, craft a unique signature embodying your brand essence, or enhance product visibility. Our team offers expert guidance in various areas, including in-store advertising (POS), packaging, kiosks, and more, all aimed at elevating your brand and products.

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